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In Topic: And how was your day???

14 January 2020 - 07:24 AM

Bet this guy wanted to go back to the war he knew rather than the one he was gonna face.......

In Topic: And how was your day???

08 January 2020 - 09:46 PM

This is fucking beautiful..........

In Topic: And how was your day???

08 January 2020 - 09:03 PM

Shot of Darrell ........during a little break time the other day......uh, yeah, that's a screen shot from the video we made and uh no, I won't post that, lol.....   :)

In Topic: And how was your day???

08 January 2020 - 08:44 PM

So the other day as I was watching tv I got an alert from the hookup site Grindr.  When I went to the messages I had one from a 21yo who told me that no one would ever want to play with me and what a sad old bag of bones I was, yad yada yada..   He then said I probably couldn't even get it up anymore and more nonsense.  I read his profile figuring it was a friend breaking my balls and it wasn't, just some random fuck.  When I asked what his problem was he finally let out that he thought it was unfair of older men to have sex with younger men without paying for it, lol and I had no business being a member of the site unless I was willing to pay little twerps like him to have sex.   I always tried to live by Red Fox's attitude towards whores when he objected to the price of a whore in one of his skits about a hooke who wanted $200 for sex  and ended his complaint with something like ---- $200 dollars, $200 dollars ---- and me ------- with two good hands."  The real irony though was my fb Darrell and I had just finished our 3 hour fuck session so I sent him a pic of us sitting on the couch naked captioning that we paid each other with really outstanding sex, no money involved and he should try it some time.   Can't understand why the little fuck blocked me then, I mean sheeesh snoop....... 

In Topic: Lucas feed error

08 January 2020 - 07:29 PM

Well, I reconfigured everything and changed craplet and malware programs and stuff and now it seems to be working ok.  It's just odd that the only site that occurred on was Lucas.....thanks for your research and effort.

Hey Eddy,


Frustrating I know but it isn't Lucas himself that controls any of this - it is a feed delivery company. There is no limiters on this stuff - I have usage logs I can see and they show each IP and usage per and many are watching more than a few minutes and the MBsPerMinute and total GBs are right inline with historic values.


Perhaps it's where they are located server wise - maybe there's a bottle neck between you and them causing the slow downs. Some ISP will switch up carriers if things slow down others don't. But to decipher what they said... their streaming system needs a certain amount of juice or it times out - it's not on their end. The AEBN feeds use a completely different streaming protocol so you can't really compare like that.