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The Christian Polka version of AC/DC ...



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07 December 2019 - 04:29 PM

I TOTALLY preach the power of a digital thermometer with the fireproof probe cable for all things pork! These little gadgets are PERFECT for learning how NOT to cook/bake pork and all sorts of other things.


My mother was from the midwest and the era of small farms and pigs eating whatever.  Trichinosis was a thing.  So that meant if you were going to eat pork, you had to cook it until it was unrecognizable.  These days there are less than 20 cases of trichinosis a year in the United States, and a lot of those are from wild boar/game.  I take my chances and eat pork medium rare to medium.  My favorite pig meal is a bone in pork loin, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then roasted until done at 325 to 350.  Let it rest, cut it into giant chops, and serve it with mashed potatoes with a little sesame oil mixed in.  One of the grocery stores near me (in Seattle) has a quality butcher section - they'll cut a 5 bone loin for me whenever I ask.  That may be today!  There are about a dozen butchers in the mercado in Mazatlán - I'm certain they'd be just as accommodating!


** I have one of the thermometers - came with a handy timer and alarm.  I especially like it for things like prime rib, where missing your target temp can mean a $50 cut is now worth $10.

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07 December 2019 - 03:08 AM

Did you check out their gallery on the website? Oh my it's a really nice website all over! Loved this! :love3:


OMG!  I watched it again, and it made my loins all tingly!  Growing up the only way (other than bacon) we had pork was as really thin chops cooked in canned cream of mushroom soup.  I avoided eating anything pork until I was in my early 30's and cooked some myself; then realizing that not all pork has to resemble shoe leather.  Having something like this would go a long way in making up for all those years without!


I need a sugar daddy with a private jet!

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