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Posted by fasteddy on 17 September 2020 - 01:23 PM

It's gonna be a definite move for me and I figure to be in my brothers place by April 1st.  I was hoping for November by the management company for our apartment building won't give me an early out of my lease.  I'll probably start moving stuff soon however so I can be sure to leave the apartment as I found it to be certain to get my security deposit back.  

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Posted by fasteddy on 03 September 2020 - 05:33 AM

wow the extent of mis-diagnosis is just alarming!!

The problem with Lyme is that it generates so many false test results. Lyme also has so many varied symptoms that doctors in areas where it is not common don't recognize it.  In my own case an MRI showed probable damage {gray areas) from Lyme but I don't recall tying any symptoms to any particular point in time.  However my blood tests were inconclusive just showed possible exposure.  That's one of the reasons I've pursued a pretty aggressive tick control program at the farm keeping grass down in high foot traffic areas, trimming under tree canopy's etc. along with insecticide granules near the house and picnic areas and ground spraying near the dozens of flower gardens my niece and her boyfriend maintain. We of course use all the standard tick exposure precautions but 100% is apparently not possible. 

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Posted by fasteddy on 02 September 2020 - 01:07 PM

Never one to be outdone while the rest of the world was catching Covid-19  my older brother managed to contract Lyme Disease.  He said it was the worst experience of his life and he didn't think he was gonna make it.  He was in severe overall pain head to toe.  Nausea, couldn't eat, even his scalp hurt.  As his symptoms worsened they tested for Lyme and Covid and both came back negative.  After 2 more trips to the ER and the VA his pcp ordered doxycycline i.v. regardless of the test results.  They were on the verge of inducing a coma because his bp was off the scale when the meds started to kick in.  He's back home now 35lbs. lighter than a month and a half ago.  Thank god for my niece Jess being there to take care of him which brings me to a new crossroad in my life.  He has talked to Jess about asking me to move in with him.  It's not a rush deal but she asked me to think about it. It would be huge change as I've enjoyed living by myself.  I love the independence despite having some old age medical issues of my own.  I already have a 3 season camper there at the farm and my own little hideaway clearing in a stand of pines and spend a lot ot time there anyhow.  But I like the option of my own space to retreat to.  Perhaps I'll build a four season cabin in the clearing,lol.... Glad it's no rush for a decision........

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Posted by fasteddy on 11 August 2020 - 07:55 AM

It's so frustrating sometimes.  Men seem to revert to little boys rather that actually communicate.  They run away whether physically or by not returning texts as a way of saying " I'm not interested anymore"  , so childish.  The DL ones are the worse.  Used to run into that a lot when I was working in politics.  At my age now I see little chance of anyone singing this song for me but I wish you well Scott........https://www.youtube....h?v=BxuY9FET9Y4

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Posted by fasteddy on 17 July 2020 - 03:20 PM

Every once in a while something happens to restore your faith in your basic instincts........  Had a guy hit on me in Grindr, mid fifties, 25lb paunch, big ego, big attitude and little dick... Just totally not my type.  But, so as not to be rude and simply ignore or block him I responded with a polite No Thankyou........He then responded back, "well you're just an old troll anyhow and it's not like your dance card is filled......  I  called that one right, lol.......he blocked me after I asked him what he was doing hitting on old trolls........ he didn't appreciate the irony I guess....

#262414 Happy 4th of July

Posted by fasteddy on 08 July 2020 - 01:07 PM


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Posted by fasteddy on 08 May 2020 - 01:00 PM

Glad I'm missing out on that fun.  Had my left arm go numb on me about 2 weeks ago to the point where I dropped the pen I was holding and couldn't pick it back for about 30 seconds.  Called the doc and after 30 or so questions he told me to start a daily aspirin routine, 81mg.  He said it sounded like a TIA.  Went for an MRI and it showed "nothing remarkable" strangely comforting phrase, lol.   Little bit ego deflating, lol.....areas of previous damage from booze, cigarettes, car accident etc. haven't changed much but some increasing areas of " white spots" consistent with my age (68) but my GP and Neurologist say don't worry.  When it comes to pee time I have a typical old mans bladder that doesn't empty completely due to constriction from my prostate that is also normal for my age but the gland isn't swollen so again they say don't worry.  My brother in law has had a bunch of stones pass.  I was visiting once when he passed one and the scream of pain was enough to stop all conversation for a bit in the other room as we awaited his return from the bathroom.  So  my overall health is good and my parsimony is paying off big time with most of my pay from the p/t job going into savings.  Glad I retired from full time work with zero debt and no credit cards. The auto parts store is considered an essential business so we haven't closed but are doing 80% of last years volume with 50% of the staff, lol.  As long as I can maintain my independent status of living without assistance I'm happy.  My older brother is having a terrible time with his pain.  The Agent Orange he picked up in Vietnam has really fucked his joints up to where he can hardly walk unless on pain killers.  Add to that the vascular damage from that shit along with being a heavy drinker and smoker and he is not a happy camper lots of times.  Glad my niece and her boys are there to take care of him.  Hoping to sell off and otherwise dispose of all the farm equipment he has that has not been used for years.  A corn planter and harvester, hay baler, strawberry planter, bottom plow, etc.   Gonna hang on to the 1948 John Deere B and disc harrow though.  Then if I have the time and energy going to sell off all the boats for their parts as they all have good drive trains etc. and a lot of parts for those older boats have a market.  We decided to keep the Grady White for another season but the 16ft fisher, the 24 SeaRay, the 23 Winner Sport and the 31 Trojan Sea Raider are going bye bye for their parts and trailers.  Probably end up using a sawsall and the hd circular to cut up the fiberglass hulls once they are all stripped of parts of value.  Now if the weather would just cooperate and warm up I could get started, I'm too old to work out in the cold anymore. I like being warm much better.   Hope everyone is well otherwise!!!!

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Posted by fasteddy on 15 April 2020 - 01:24 PM

So had this guy on Grindr ask me for a pic of my ass and I had dumped my old profile as the app was bad and the new profile didn't have any pic...... so I quickly took this one.  I looked at it later on and thought, jeez that ain't too bad for a 68 year old butt, lol............

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#261839 And how was your day???

Posted by fasteddy on 15 April 2020 - 01:11 PM

Yea me too. I almost feel guilty taking it, almost,   :)

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Posted by fasteddy on 15 March 2020 - 10:05 AM

I gotta believe keegel exercise is far less intrusive, lol.   If you do them right you can learn to use your anal muscles to massage your prostate and get an erection if you catch someone checking out your package and give him a little show....  :)  Plus if you do them often enough you can put a top in heaven by staying tight from start to finish.....My friend Darrell and I play all day often and he is amazed I can stay tight so long.....


I totally believed what I was reading but I could NOT envision it. :haha:

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Posted by fasteddy on 14 March 2020 - 04:04 PM

So anyway, I was called and chosen for jury duty.  It was a murder trial and was a week I'll never forget.  The upside other than doing civic duty and helping to serve the cause of justice, was all the other wonderful people I met.  We were like a gang of old school buds by the end of the trial.  12 jurors and 3 alternates but we were like a multigenerational family gathering with me being the oldest.  We got to know each other really well, very quick due to the length of time we were shut off in a room waiting, and waiting, and waiting,   The only resemblance to tv court dramas was the Godlike aire the Judge assumed,lol.  The trial was about an informant revenge killing.  The defendant had been looking for the victim for quite a while after the victim has testified in a murder trial against the defendants cousin.  Got it so far??  The victim was in witness protection/protective custody etc.. But he wasn't exactly a Rhodes scholar.  Besides his live in girlfriend he kept a side piece in New Haven, about 30 miles from his home in Waterbury.  Victim and defendant were both from New Haven and formerly good buds according to testimony.  The victim decided he was horny around 2:30 am on Dec12, 2018 and called his side piece and said he was on his way and to be ready so he wouldn't be spotted waiting for her.  That was a low percentage move.  He was spotted as soon as he entered the Westville project area by the defendants buddies who were also on the lookout for the victim. The victim picked up his side piece(btw, she referred to herself that way in testimony) and they headed for a nearby convenience store for a soda.  On exiting the store the victim was confronted by the defendant and after a brief argument shot with 4 45cal bullets and he died on the operating table shortly afterwards. 4 more slugs were shot into the victims car just missing the young lady so we are up to 8 shots fired. The girl drove the victim to the hospital after confronting the shooter who was well known to her and for whatever reason, he fled.  Her eyewitness testimony was found by us to be irrefutable after some 5 hours of deliberations and discussion over 2 days.  There was never any reasonable doubt as to his guilt once we sent into the deliberation room.   He did it, without any doubt on my part or the others but the finality and impact of our decision built a wall for us to climb over to not only do justice but instill  some peace in our consciences and reinforce each other.  We faced a terrifying responsibility over a mans future, deserved or not on his part.  Of our 5 hours of actual deliberation and discussion we spent most of the time trying to build a plausible case and cause and logic for the eyewitness to be committing perjury. We had to accept her testimony as the truth and that sealed the defendants fate.  You can guess it was drug related through and through and I learned a new piece of street slang " Ripping and Runnin"  was the defendants activity of choice and that means delivery drugs on the street via cell phone.  The forensic evidence presented by the FBI as to the movements of his cell phone destroyed his attempt at an alibi.  His phone was hit on within 275ft of the shot spotter alert at the time of the shooting instead of where he claimed he was.  The rest of his defense was essentially " it wasn't me"  and he strained the idea of innocence until proven guilty and his testimony and hostility on the stand didn't help him.  He admitted to about 20 different lies in the space of about 30 minutes and contradicted himself continuously.  On cross he took a sort of " fuck you bitch you're next " attitude with the States Attorney when she pointed out his difficulty with the truth.  He faces 60 years on the various 1st degree murder charges plus an additional 10 years for felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was previously convicted of a shooting but we were only told he was a felon on probation. He fled from the eyewitness cause the fucking dummy ran out of bullets cause his thug gun of choice was an M1911 with an out of the box max capacity of 8 rounds, exactly the number of shell casings left on the ground.   After our foreperson announced the verdict and the judge dismissed us he visited us in the deliberation room to thank us and answer  any questions.  There was a lot of evidence we didn't get to see and his words gave us further confidence in our decision.  A final lighthearted moment of the whole week.  When the marshalls drove us to our cars as he entered the lot where I was parked another juror suggested he guess which car belonged to the old guy, jokingly referring to me, the marshall didn't even hesitate, he said " It's gotta be that 20 year old copper colored Buick. Of course he was right as we all damn near pissed our pants laughing.  My boss paid me for the time although he isn't required to for part timers and the state reimbursed me for gas and travel.  We all got certificates of appreciation from the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court.  Finally today I got another thank you letter from the State Judicial Branch.  It also informed me that I will not be eligible to be called again for 3 years.  I'll be over 70 by then so I'd be past mandatory service anyhow.  But the letter did say I can volunteer to serve again any time I like.  That I gotta think about. I'm not sure I ever want to have that responsibility over the lives of others in such a manner again.  

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Posted by fasteddy on 08 January 2020 - 09:46 PM

This is fucking beautiful..........

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Posted by fasteddy on 08 January 2020 - 09:03 PM

Shot of Darrell ........during a little break time the other day......uh, yeah, that's a screen shot from the video we made and uh no, I won't post that, lol.....   :)

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Posted by fasteddy on 08 January 2020 - 08:44 PM

So the other day as I was watching tv I got an alert from the hookup site Grindr.  When I went to the messages I had one from a 21yo who told me that no one would ever want to play with me and what a sad old bag of bones I was, yad yada yada..   He then said I probably couldn't even get it up anymore and more nonsense.  I read his profile figuring it was a friend breaking my balls and it wasn't, just some random fuck.  When I asked what his problem was he finally let out that he thought it was unfair of older men to have sex with younger men without paying for it, lol and I had no business being a member of the site unless I was willing to pay little twerps like him to have sex.   I always tried to live by Red Fox's attitude towards whores when he objected to the price of a whore in one of his skits about a hooke who wanted $200 for sex  and ended his complaint with something like ---- $200 dollars, $200 dollars ---- and me ------- with two good hands."  The real irony though was my fb Darrell and I had just finished our 3 hour fuck session so I sent him a pic of us sitting on the couch naked captioning that we paid each other with really outstanding sex, no money involved and he should try it some time.   Can't understand why the little fuck blocked me then, I mean sheeesh snoop....... 

#261114 Lucas feed error

Posted by fasteddy on 08 January 2020 - 07:29 PM

Well, I reconfigured everything and changed craplet and malware programs and stuff and now it seems to be working ok.  It's just odd that the only site that occurred on was Lucas.....thanks for your research and effort.

Hey Eddy,


Frustrating I know but it isn't Lucas himself that controls any of this - it is a feed delivery company. There is no limiters on this stuff - I have usage logs I can see and they show each IP and usage per and many are watching more than a few minutes and the MBsPerMinute and total GBs are right inline with historic values.


Perhaps it's where they are located server wise - maybe there's a bottle neck between you and them causing the slow downs. Some ISP will switch up carriers if things slow down others don't. But to decipher what they said... their streaming system needs a certain amount of juice or it times out - it's not on their end. The AEBN feeds use a completely different streaming protocol so you can't really compare like that.