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17 July 2020 - 03:20 PM

Every once in a while something happens to restore your faith in your basic instincts........  Had a guy hit on me in Grindr, mid fifties, 25lb paunch, big ego, big attitude and little dick... Just totally not my type.  But, so as not to be rude and simply ignore or block him I responded with a polite No Thankyou........He then responded back, "well you're just an old troll anyhow and it's not like your dance card is filled......  I  called that one right, lol.......he blocked me after I asked him what he was doing hitting on old trolls........ he didn't appreciate the irony I guess....

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08 July 2020 - 01:07 PM


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30 May 2020 - 02:15 PM

I'm still getting this message when I open the chat page..........

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08 May 2020 - 01:00 PM

Glad I'm missing out on that fun.  Had my left arm go numb on me about 2 weeks ago to the point where I dropped the pen I was holding and couldn't pick it back for about 30 seconds.  Called the doc and after 30 or so questions he told me to start a daily aspirin routine, 81mg.  He said it sounded like a TIA.  Went for an MRI and it showed "nothing remarkable" strangely comforting phrase, lol.   Little bit ego deflating, lol.....areas of previous damage from booze, cigarettes, car accident etc. haven't changed much but some increasing areas of " white spots" consistent with my age (68) but my GP and Neurologist say don't worry.  When it comes to pee time I have a typical old mans bladder that doesn't empty completely due to constriction from my prostate that is also normal for my age but the gland isn't swollen so again they say don't worry.  My brother in law has had a bunch of stones pass.  I was visiting once when he passed one and the scream of pain was enough to stop all conversation for a bit in the other room as we awaited his return from the bathroom.  So  my overall health is good and my parsimony is paying off big time with most of my pay from the p/t job going into savings.  Glad I retired from full time work with zero debt and no credit cards. The auto parts store is considered an essential business so we haven't closed but are doing 80% of last years volume with 50% of the staff, lol.  As long as I can maintain my independent status of living without assistance I'm happy.  My older brother is having a terrible time with his pain.  The Agent Orange he picked up in Vietnam has really fucked his joints up to where he can hardly walk unless on pain killers.  Add to that the vascular damage from that shit along with being a heavy drinker and smoker and he is not a happy camper lots of times.  Glad my niece and her boys are there to take care of him.  Hoping to sell off and otherwise dispose of all the farm equipment he has that has not been used for years.  A corn planter and harvester, hay baler, strawberry planter, bottom plow, etc.   Gonna hang on to the 1948 John Deere B and disc harrow though.  Then if I have the time and energy going to sell off all the boats for their parts as they all have good drive trains etc. and a lot of parts for those older boats have a market.  We decided to keep the Grady White for another season but the 16ft fisher, the 24 SeaRay, the 23 Winner Sport and the 31 Trojan Sea Raider are going bye bye for their parts and trailers.  Probably end up using a sawsall and the hd circular to cut up the fiberglass hulls once they are all stripped of parts of value.  Now if the weather would just cooperate and warm up I could get started, I'm too old to work out in the cold anymore. I like being warm much better.   Hope everyone is well otherwise!!!!

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17 April 2020 - 05:23 AM

Had a good day going until I ran into a sign in issue here at TR