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In Topic: Oral sex

11 May 2004 - 02:33 PM

After a lot, and I mean A LOT ;) of practice I managed to handle most of my college roomate's 8 incher. He really wanted to see me take it all. I came close, but never got it all. I was able to take about 7 inches, maybe a little more. He on the other had was never able to come close to taking all of mine, and I'm less than six inches. :cheeseburger:

In Topic: Browser Hijackers

11 May 2004 - 02:14 PM

I fell victim to a browser hijacker last summer. Thankfully it wasn't so bad. It changed my homepage to a search engine and slowed me down to a crawl when surfing. One of my brothers on the other hand got stuck with one of the porn ones. Needless to say, he wasn't a happy camper when his youngest girl was exposed to some rather heavy stuff.

In Topic: Do you have a partner?

05 May 2004 - 02:01 AM

I've only had sex with one guy so I guess I'll tell you about him. It was back in college. What a great place for sexual experimentation. He was my fraternity big brother, not my actual brother you pervs! :laugh: He was also my roomate, and my usual defensive linemate as well. My girlfriend had hinted that she might be interested in a threesome with him and he and I agreed to do it for her birthday. After all, she had agreed to do a threesome with me and her (girl)friend a month earlier, for my birthday, so I was hardly in a position to refuse her. I doubt I would have refused her anyways. I knew I had a lot of gay feelings in general and I actually had more than one fantasy about sharing her with him anyways. I was actually lusting after him, but I hadn't come to terms with my sexuality yet, so I tried to ignore those feelings. Eventually we did the threesome and it was hot as hell. We tag teamed her and then double teamed her. It was wild having both our dicks in her pussy at the same time. But nothing overtly homosexual happened until later that night. I woke up to him giving me a blow job. At the time I didn't realize it was him. I was too tired and wrapped up in waves of pleasure to pay much attention. I realized it was him after I blew my load in his mouth (yes I was a very bad boy and wasn't being safe :( ) and then kissed my girlfriend. I had blown my load in her mouth several times (yes, bad boy again :( ) and when I kissed her there was always a residual taste of my cum. This time there was none. I was a bit puzzled and then I realized that the two of them were not positioned right for her to be giving me head. Naturally I was stunned and I was too much of a pussy to return the favor to him, which I would have done gladly. I was afraid of what my girlfriend would think, not realizing that she was obviously present and aware of the blowjob I was just given. Frankly, I think I was too afraid in general of taking that big step. After doing that I could no longer deny those homosexual feelings I was having. So I just laid down and pretended to go back to sleep, though I never did. The next day, after my girlfriend left, I told him that I knew about it and the poor guy burst into tears appologizing and begging me not to tell anyone. Apparently he had some of the same fears as I. (Let's just say that Division 1 college hockey is not exactly a gay friendly environment.) I have to shamefully admit that I started crying too. Then to his complete astonishemment, and mine, I kissed him. We kissed for good long time and then I went down on him, returning the favor from last night. The rest is, well, history. I told my girlfriend after a few weeks. She actually was pretty cool with it. Obviously she was a bit scared as to how it would affect our relationship. She already had some inkling that I might have some bisexual feelings. (Women are just smarter about those types of things than us guys.) It wasn't easy for her and myself to deal with this, but we muddled through. We started having threesomes, and occasionally foursomes with her girlfriend from before, regularly. I fell in love with him. Or to be more accurate, I realized or admitted my love for him. The three of us spent the next two and a half years together. He was a year ahead of me in school. I eventually went on to marry my girlfriend and we are still happily married. Well, at least most of the time. ;) Well now that I have told that rather long story about how we got together, I guess I should answer what made him special to me. Well obviously we had the bonding of him being my fraternity big brother, my roommate, and being my usual defensive partner on the ice. We also explored our homosexual feelings for the first time together, and that was very special. In the little bit of free time we had, we were both semi-active politically, though on opposite sides. :lol: He was the bleeding heart liberal :hippy: and I was always the cold-hearted, greedy conservative :toff: . We had different music tastes as well. I love opera and he loved The Dead. Ugh! Damned peasant music. But frankly, these differences only helped tie us together better. But I have to say that what really tied us together the most was our love of the game. We spent most of every day either in practice, in drills, or working out together. Most of the rest of our time was spent in class and studying. So, besides having sex, as often as we could , there wasn’t time for much else in our lives. He was a very caring man but he was always setting me up for a mild prank or two, and I ALWAYS fell for it. That bastard. I always knew it was imminent when he'd let out his trademark, toothy, mischievous smirk at me. I have to admit, it was really hard letting him go when he graduated a year ahead of me. But the really hard part was when I graduated, played in the minors, and had to play against him. I almost couldn't do it. But being the good man he is, the first time we did play against each other, he started the game out giving me one Hell of nasty hit, dispelling any qualms I had about competing against him. Well, I think that's enough emotional expression for now. If I continue this shit I might start crying.

In Topic: Women!

04 May 2004 - 11:50 PM

Hmmm the subject of women. :unsure: Well, being bi, I obviously have slept with them. It is an altogether different experience from guys. In all honesty, sex with guys is easier. First of all, it is easier to get them in the sack than women. Second, guys are quicker to "warm up" than women. Lastly, it is easier to "satisfy" them. Let's just say its a heck of a lot harder for a guy to "fake it". Don't get me wrong. Sex with women is a blast too. Its nice having a softer, more vulnerable person agree to have sex with you. :boobs: They are trusting you not to hurt them. From my experience guys are built to handle rougher sex better than women. When I'm with a woman, I generally feel as if I need to hold back a little, which is not true when I'm with a guy. However, it should be said that my experience with guys is limited to a single partner, so take my opinion for what its worth.

In Topic: Spain pulls out

04 May 2004 - 10:57 PM

Actually, my hunch is that the pull out was very demoralizing for the Spanish troops. No soldier has ever wanted to abandon the field, especially when other comrades-in-arms are being left behind to take up their slack. Double this effect when one considers that some of the insurgents being fought in Iraq are linked to Al Qaeda, and they are the ones who recently butchered a couple hundred of their countrymen. After such an outrage (the Madrid bombings) the Spanish soldiers would most likely want to strike back at the bastards who did that. Rather than engage those same terrorists in Iraq, the new government made a political decision to withdraw, thereby, from the point of view of the average Spanish solider, handing the terrorists yet another victory. Undoubtedly, many are happy to go home and be with their families again, but many of them probably regard the withdrawl as a humiliating defeat. These are the same feelings many American soldiers felt after fleeing Lebanon in 1982, and Somalia in 1993. :professor: By the way, the withdawl of American troops in both those instances only encouraged Al Qaeda to strike at America. I pray that the Spanish withdrawl doesn't have equally horrific consequences.