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In Topic: what song are you listening to right now?

Today, 08:11 PM

Nice cover. . .but Kenny still does the best arrangement  :claps:   :claps:   :claps:

In Topic: Blake Mitchell

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

As 2020's Performer of the Year, here are Blake's top 10 performances  :claps:



In Topic: Ladies & Gentelman, the President of the United States

Yesterday, 01:16 PM

:haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   :haha:  

In Topic: Covid-19

Yesterday, 09:49 AM

:claps:   :claps:   :claps:   :claps:   :claps:



In Topic: More Silly Pics

Yesterday, 08:56 AM

I know it's a bit early for Halloween; but, these costumes were just too cute not to pass along. . .


I give you Pooh Pup and Bat Cat  :biggrin:   :biggrin:   :biggrin: