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Tylersroom 20th Anniversary

29 August 2019 - 01:22 PM

Don't know if anyone has noticed, yet, the big, bold 20th anniversary banner adjacent to the "Account Controls" button at the top right of the main page; but I wanted to be the first to wish Tyler and all his friends and helpers a wonderful HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ! ! ! ! !


And, does anyone remember this thread from 2014? http://www.tylersroo...pic=5724&page=1


Now, just what are we going to chip in on and get for our wonderful webmaster. . .traditional gifts for the 20th anniversary are either in platinum or china.  So, I'm open to suggestions  :cool:



Things from your childhood that would baffle today's kids

14 May 2019 - 08:52 PM

What items from your childhood are no longer in use, available; and would probably baffle and befuddle todays kids?  :confused5:


broken records (or even unbroken ones)  :lol:

the little plastic insert that went into the big hole of a 45 RPM record so that you could play it on your record player without having to hunt down the adapter  :cool:

S&H Green Stamps (the S&H stood for Sperry and Hutchinson)

no seat belts in cars and NO digital interface on the dash

land line telephones; and, only one per household, located in a niche in the main hallway with an extremely long (25 foot or longer) coiled chord connecting the receiver to the phone


the cashier counting out your change at the check-out stand, instead of handing it to you in one fell swoop with the receipt  :bang:

driving your automobile into a service station, running over the rubber hose that sounded the alert bell, waiting in your car while the attendant filled up your gas tank, checked your oil and cleaned your windshield  :blink2: