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    Eye Candy

    winter fur: rrrrrrrr
  2. now get those jeans off!
  3. Sorry that I just now read this damage /accident report, Scotty. I have a buddy here in Santa Fe who slipped and Fell in the recent ice and snow, while taking trash out to the curb. May have fractured a rib or hopefully just bruised it..but either is very painful, I can imagine. recover as quickly as you can, be careful, and skate cautiously for a while! Reese (Menergy)
  4. Thank you, men! I'm trying t get my Mac computer hard drive reinstalled by a techie n t Wn. Some virus issues, etc. now trying to continue here admiring all the eye candy/ sizzling hot photos. I'd definitely like to meet these guys in person, nude, and hard ( me too)
  5. In the spirit of the season! Have a very merry holiday season!!!!
  6. I'll take both to go please.....
  7. I like exercising in the pool too:
  8. menergy

    Eye Candy

    some additions to consider:
  9. menergy


    shake dat booty!!!
  10. Been a very long time guys since I added something to the collections on here.....but these are some of the latest of my hot dreams: Hope you may enjoy them too:
  11. menergy


    Hot buns! Come on, hurry up and take those shorts completely off and maybe also turn around ....
  12. menergy

    Eye Candy

    naughty thoughts abound!
  13. menergy

    Eye Candy

    naughty thoughts abound!
  14. Scott, so sorry to hear of the skating accident and aftermath. Recover quickly and completely! And be careful on the rink!
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