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  1. That is your profile…. Clicking on your name anywhere will take you to that.
  2. This guy is REALLY good!
  3. My all time favourite song. The fireworks near the end of this performance at Glastonbury are spectacular. Oh to have been there.
  4. Tyler

    Red Heads

    This is him apparently. Maybe more blonde than red.
  5. Tyler

    Red Heads

    Who’s this handsome fella?
  6. What do you mean?
  7. Awwww cutey… bite me anytime!
  8. Tyler


    I guess staged because not many people sit with their knee up like that in an airplane unless maybe trying to hide something… lol
  9. I totally would’ve been into you.
  10. Tyler

    Muscle Guys

    That dude has a very strange body, look how close his belly button is to his chest. Enormous pecs, micro abs.
  11. Chinese spy balloon concludes no intelligent signs of life over MAGA states.
  12. From the newly Academy Award nominated directors Daniels… this timeless gem lol
  13. Why do they get to use 2001 - A Space Odyssey music? For a film about Barbie… HAL is not impressed.
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