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  1. Not sure if anyone else is noticing videos and embeds overflowing their boundaries on mobile applications. I think once the pages flip, it won’t happen anymore, I think that’s a glitch from the old version migration to the new version. Same with the way the old version used to make thumbs for the pictures, the new/old version is clearly not doing that anymore.
  2. Beautiful indeed. Gorgeous colours.
  3. Oh OK I’ve actually never used that feature before I just use source when I want to do HTML. I seem to have discovered a glitch, I was trying to post an animation and it kept coming out as just a picture, but I did successfully post a smaller dancing bear animation so wondering if maybe there’s a setting for how large an upload can be… I will check on that on my desktop a little later.
  4. My bear has slowed down a little.
  5. This is all you get on a phone (even sideways)
  6. All right, I don’t see that button on my phone… what does that do?
  7. What is the code tag?
  8. Well I know you’re not a fan of iPhones but it’s working really well on an iPhone so far.
  9. Yes, same thing for me, too bad because it recognizes the YouTube links right away now without the embed code. We’ll get it fixed.
  10. Keep posting issues though, I am forwarding them all to the guy who is helping me. He’s in Europe so he might not get on it tonight but tomorrow morning he will.
  11. Source button works for me.
  12. I encountered it as well so I’ve got my tech guy on it.
  13. That will improve once all these background upgrade processes stop running. And then I need to upgrade to a newer version of PHP Which should make it just a zippy as the last one but I’m gonna wait until the dust settles before we start that. Maybe in a few weeks.
  14. Voila! So there are a slew of background upgrade processes running that will take several hours to complete. The forum will be extra slow while this is going on. Please post problems or glitches here so I can try and keep on top of things.
  15. All right I found someone to help with the installation of the new forum version. Bear with me though it’s gonna be a messy transition this time, just the situation my former hosting company has left me in. If the forum is down, don’t think it’s gone completely, come back and check a little later. We will lose a few days worth of posts, nothing I can do about that this time but at least we will still have our forum. Hopefully the new version works a little better this time. I'll have more time to tinker with it this time. The installation is happening Wednesday so anything posted between yesterday and Wednesday will be lost.
  16. Stay tuned, keep checking, might not be the very end… frustrating to try and get people to help me.
  17. Hi guys, sorry to say but I think we’re gonna have to say our goodbyes and keep in touch other ways. I can’t get support at my new hosting for this forum, it doesn’t work at all, I recall the new version being a complete mess and I don’t have anyone to help me with that either… my old hosts aren’t helping me anymore, my new hosts don’t offer the same levels of support, so I think in the next day or two, I’m gonna have to shut this down guys.
  18. Appreciate it BJ, my sites have actually already been moved to a new server. Cost is reasonable, now the big issue is the forum doesnt work on the new server. I might need to upgrade to that new version again if were going to keep it. So bear with me, it might be a little messy over the next few days, if it disappears, it doesnt mean Ive taken it down, it just means that things are broken and were working on it. If it is to go away permanently I will most definitely give everyone a chance to say adios. If anyone feels helpful (Bj lol) and wants to help me get the forum working let me know
  19. Im with you, I dont use social media at all. Figure we were doing our own version of Facebook long before it was a thing ;) I do use Facebook and YouTube for my real estate videos but thats it. Personally I think social media has plenty of potential still but right now it seems to be echo chambers full of misinformation and hateful people. Certainly the promise of sharing ideas and differing points of view has gone by the wayside. Vast majority of social media users simply tune into if they want to hear only. Modern day politics has poisoned it. I still follow politics as closely as I always did but I dont ever post about it anymore you cant get through to the other side, they dont want to hear what we have to say and a lot of us dont want to hear what they have to say anymore. Feels hopeless.
  20. I really dont know what to do so what I will do is find out what the new hosting is going to cost and make a decision then and keep you guys well-informed. If its reasonable, will just keep it but they were quoting me in the hundreds which wasnt reasonable but I think they were possibly quoting the wrong thing. More later Just realized a little glitch Ive never noticed before, posting from my iPhone it wont do punctuation weird. For example there is an apostrophe in Ive on the preview window but when I hit post its going to disappear. Weird!
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