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  1. I'm not looking for money, I'm just looking for feedback on whether you want to keep it. I will do what you guys want. I like having it here but it seems we are using it less and less that's all.
  2. Hey guys, this forum is gonna cost me some money to keep running and it seems like nobody’s using it anymore, should I just delete it and we can keep in touch other ways? Thoughts?
  3. Tyler

    Wet Shots

    Whats with his eye?
  4. Haha I have the same thoughts about myself especially living in a pretty conservative military town. When I first started at Re/Max I got a weird message through my Real Estate website critiquing the ridiculous picture of me wearing a suit sporting a pretty ridiculous grin. It was very reminiscent of the writing style of a former member here whose name rhymes with 'Daroux'. Commenting the suit was too big for me which it was, I don't own a suit - I still don't - and I borrowed somebody's suit jacket and tie to make that picture happen I was only wearing boxer shorts during that photo session as I had no dress pants handy . I absolutely loathed the picture but I thought I had to have some thing formal as all the others do. After I got familiar with my client base, I switched to a very casual picture of myself with some stubble and a red T-shirt. Became the agent known as 'the guy with the red T-shirt'. My area of focus is actually commercial Real Estate more than residential. In my very first year I came in the top 100 at Re/Max for Canada out of 22,000 agents in Canada! The guy that mentored me in (some of you might recognize the name, his name is Carl, he was at the Labour Day weekend get together of Tyler's Room members all those years ago) specialized in commercial so I learned fast. The majority of Real Estate agents in this area are military wives who are just doing it as a hobby (there are way too many of them) and none of them have a clue how to do commercial transactions so we have a little bit of our own niche market up here.
  5. Yip, not going to be doing Only Fans but I do expect to post here more often now the other work is over. One last hurdle coming up is to get this forum moved to a new server. Maybe the odd glitch but should be fairly smooth as I'm not planning on upgrading it yet although at BJ's request I will try and add an SSL certificate so there might be some wonkiness when I do that as well but I'll keep y'all informed. Was tough shutting the site down but I'll post about that soon.
  6. This behemoth I believe is The Oasis of the Seas. Personally I think they’re hideous. Give me a fishing boat any day…
  7. Me too, in fact I’m digging the entire ‘Thumpaverse’ album. How to put your finger on these guys… definitely echos of Primus. Super talented guys doing their own thing. Can only imagine the live show these guys do. Awesome.
  8. Tyler


    Ross Lynch is REALLY cute. Never heard of him until your posts. Nice he likes to sing in a state of undress lol.
  9. It's been raining a bit but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm a little far inland to feel the effects of most hurricanes.
  10. Tyler

    Sad news

    I had a huge crush on ONJ in my childhood. I have all her early records from 'Let Me Be There' through 'Don't Stop Believing' to 'Physical'. I lost track of her after that. I still play the 'Have You Never Been Mellow' album from start to finish often. Is my comfort music. I will miss her and continue to play and love her music until my ride on earth is over.
  11. Tyler


    Survived their trip to the slaughterhouse for a few hours.
  12. Bahahaha! Roamer wins the internet.
  13. The iconic performance, almost unanimously considered the greatest live performance of all time (still). I have this on blue ray as a bonus DVD of their Queen in Montreal DVD set and can watch it over and over. 20 minutes of bliss on big speakers... you can see Freddie realize he has the audience, much to the bands amazement (it wasn't a queen audience but it was that day!), during the first chorus of 'Radio Gaga' and he takes it from there and puts on a show for the ages including the famous "note heard around the world" during his 'day o' routine after 'Radio Gaga'. Watching the crowd sway and sing along to the 'We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions' finale is spine tingling. Who watched this live back in July '85? I sure did, I was waiting for Bowie who was up next and famously called out "you bastard" to his friend Freddie afterwards in the Queen dressing... knowing full well there was no way in hell he could top that performance. Awesome! RIP Freddie - we miss you.
  14. Just for kicks we might still go back to the other one yet I havent taken it off-line either and theres a tech guy working on it to see if he can make it perfect for us.
  15. I think the security issues are somehow cache related or something to do with the other forum still. The initial security browsers warning security page was because I had an SSL certificate on the new one but I don't have one installed on this one. I wasn't brave enough to try it before I'll probably give it a whirl in the next couple of days but for now you can bypass that as you have. It shouldn't persist either way. So here's the thing this forum never left us, we left it lol. I did nothing to it, it never changed servers, it's still where it used to be frozen in time on March 1 lol. Reminds me of one of those forensic files episodes where they find a watch on the dead body and it has stopped at exactly the time the person was murdered haha. All we did was switch the DNS to the new server. So returning to this one, there should be no changes from the way it was before, that's why I think there's some hangover from the other forum happening still. I'm sure this will all clear in a day or two.
  16. Actually we are not doing the final copy until Friday so nothing will be lost between then and now.
  17. Hi guys, The new version is full of bugs as expected. On Friday the new version (it looks very different) should be ready to go. The forum is being copied a final time today so anything posted between now and Friday will likely be lost... sorry not much I can do about this - the new upgraded version can't be synced afterwards. So be prepared for some wonkiness the next few days.
  18. Has an office as well... 2480 square feet of living space, not including garage, no finished basement. Had it listed as a 4 bedroom but the fourth bedroom is at the very other end of home and is not really big enough to be a proper bedroom but the Seller wanted us to list it that way. I bought it just before the market went insane. Someone offered me 300K more than I paid just 6 months later privately. The Seller isn't kicking himself though, he had tried to sell it for a while and couldn't and desperately wanted to have the upkeep off his table as he was already living in Ottawa with his new partner. They've become good friends.
  19. I haven't decided what to do about the site yet. There's still 500 members using the pay site, it pays for itself and still gives me a little profit so I suppose I could leave it there. What I might do is delete the originals as that cost 800 bucks just to store that shit that nobody uses anymore lol. I will warn of any changes I do make well ahead of time, just in exploratory mode at the moment. Moving this forum was part of the preparation. Real Estate has taken over my life, I never realized how busy I would get. I also never believed I could do it and originally was going to be the computer guy for an agent that is a friend of mine, but things kept progressing and it turns out when it comes to Real Estate I'm not shy at all. People like me it seems... Speaking of new home, here's my new house if anyone is interested: I love it here. It's a little big for one person and two catfaces but nothing a robot vacuum can't handle lol.
  20. Hi guys, Just a heads up I'm moving this old girl to a new server. We made a competitive offer on the new digs... oops wrong career... it is getting upgraded to the latest version however, so lord knows what that implies lol. Prepare for some glitches, hopefully not, but fair warning. I have backed everything up so it's impossible for me to delete the forum like BJ might remember I accidentally did way back in 2005 Too many memories on here so I plan to keep this running even though the main site might be nearing it's end. Tyler :big dance:
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