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  1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
  2. Sorry I have no interest in that at all. Never even been to that website. I make my money as a real estate agent now. ;)
  3. No sir, no intention of that. Those days are long over for me.
  4. Those feeds haven't been working for a long time. Now they are gone completely. Company that took over for Gunzblazing are a bunch of inept crooks so it was only a matter of time before they screwed that up.
  5. All the content is documented with associated models ID and none is illegal so I doubt it will have any effect. I haven't looked what % of TR members are MasterCard, not that many I don't think. Billing through CCBill it will likely be up to them to implement any necessary changes and have their clients (me) act accordingly.
  6. Tyler


    I noticed that! I bet his feet are big too. :grin angel:
  7. Tyler

    access denied

    Are you down too Chad?
  8. Her new album is out and it's awesome. More subdued and personal than 'Norman Rockwell' but brilliant again, I bet this one gets her the Grammy for Album of the Year next spring. This tune is the new video (she doesn't really do singles) and it's another one that takes a few listens before it really resonates (like most of her music). Sung at an unusual pitch and sounds like she’s channeling Janis Joplin...I can't get enough of her.
  9. “and trying to panic stop on ice is next to impossible” Ain’t that the truth.
  10. Another great one (actually 2) from Norman Rockwell. I absolutely adore the second tune "The Greatest" it is so well done and such a throwback with the rolling drums and steel guitars. Lovely. Only one month to the release of the new one 'Chemtrails Over the Country Club'. .
  11. I know I was indeed just snarking. I lived on Vancouver Island where it was often similar winter weather to what Texas is having and they were never prepared for even an inch or two of snow. Coming from Eastern Canada I thought it was nuts that a tiny amount of snow could shut down the city. But not enough planning, plows and no snow tires. So I get it! (you're still a bunch of wimps lol) What caused the big pile up? There doesn't appear to be snow in that pic.
  12. That would be Bandit. Old pic from my other house you know so well. I live on the Ottawa River now. We hardly have any snow this year.
  13. You call that snow? Sheesh. http://www.tylersroom.net/earth/2.jpg http://www.tylersroom.net/earth/3.jpg http://www.tylersroom.net/earth/4.jpg
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