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  1. Scott

    Red Heads

    Mmmmmmm love it!!
  2. Forget about sitting on the bike seat. I wanna sit on that 😈
  3. I asked Brett on Facebook if Pedro has a nice butt. He wouldn't give me a "straight" answer 😂
  4. I love epic fantasy......especially if it has dragons 😅 I might have to check this out.
  5. Scott


    I bet they all had happy endings in that video 😂
  6. Scott


    Maybe a little too hairy for me, but he's adorable! 😍
  7. Scott

    Just Jeans

    Do jean shorts count? 😍 😅
  8. Scott

    Bed pics

    Wish I could jump in that bed with him! 😍
  9. As our dear departed Pastol would say "I'd hit that!"
  10. Well, hello there 😅
  11. Peek-a-boo 😂
  12. Scott

    Muscle Guys

    You're welcome to "cum" find me 😈
  13. Scott

    Sad news

    I have some sad local news. I live in Lake County in Ohio. Our LGBTQ community organization was lead by two ladies named Betty and Daphne. They were partners and they founded and ran our county's organization together. Daphne just passed away recently because she had a bad Asthma attack, She was only 54, a year younger than me. 🙁
  14. I've shot myself in the face before 😂
  15. Scott

    Muscle Guys

    Chad your pics make me wish we could love a post, not just like it!
  16. Scott

    Suck Thread

    Are they on a bus or a train?
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