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  1. Nice 🤣 ^^^^^^^^^^
  2. Yummmmm
  3. I wonder if this guy is happy to see someone 🍆😍😂
  4. Scott

    Eye Candy

    Cute young candy 😍
  5. Scott

    Muscle Guys

    Yum indeed 😍 ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. Scott


    Or purposely show something 😅
  7. Scott


    If he was in the right position he would be on his lap 🤣
  8. He can poke me anytime 🥰
  9. Scott

    Muscle Guys

    Looking like that I'm sure he gets laid 😈
  10. Scott

    F A C E S

    Adorable 😍
  11. Scott


    This guy is cute
  12. Scott

    Wet Shots

    How's this for wet?
  13. But he's not kissing anyone 😛
  14. Scott

    Wet Shots

    What bubbles???
  15. There's a woman that is a regular customer in our store. She has jet black hair, and it's curly on top and then goes way down her back. It looks kinda like Joan Jett met Rapunzel 😅
  16. I didn't have a mullet 😅
  17. That would make it worse cause the kilt would fly up behind me while I rolled and show stuff women and children shouldn't see 🤣
  18. That would be to save the poor man from all the women who work there that think he's hot. 😂
  20. It looks like a woman's skirt 😜
  21. Eh, Momoa has too much hair for my tastes. He has more hair than some girls I know 🤣
  22. Me in a kilt would probably be a scary sight 😂
  23. Scott

    Red Heads

    His hardie looks better 😅
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