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  1. Sorry Bj but I couldn't resist posting this pic in this thread 😅
  2. Scott

    Just Jeans

    Thrust it baby!!! 😂
  3. Scott

    Eye Candy

    This guy is heavenly 😍
  4. Scott


    Hole-y view 😆
  5. It probably doesn't come out of the gutter 😂
  6. Scott

    F A C E S

    He does look like a young Paul Newman!
  7. Of course it does 😂
  8. Scott


    Love love love ðŸĨ°
  9. Scott

    Muscle Guys

    2 hot guys are always better than one 😁
  10. Check this guy out!!
  11. I like how it sticks straight up and out in the first pic!
  12. I would gladly help him get there
  13. It is not! I'm discovering that and I'm only 55 😎
  14. Scott

    Wet Shots

    Freshly showered hottie 😍
  15. I liked watching Bourdain's shows. It's sad that he took his own life 😞
  16. God I hope my penis doesn't get all brown and spotty like a banana ðŸĪŠ
  17. What a ride that would be!
  18. He's nice to look at. You go Bj ðŸĪĢ
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