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  1. Roamer1


    He definitely has “a rocket in his pocket”.
  2. Roamer1

    Just Jeans

    🎶 “Please release me; let me go” 🎶
  3. He was told to take the car and fill er up. He misunderstood the instructions.
  4. And the mirror really likes Devin.
  5. It worked ok, for me.
  6. Otherwise known as a cowpoke.
  7. A belated Happy Birthday, Chad!
  8. Reminds me of my brain, sometimes. If I don’t speed up the thought process, it can fall into some deep potholes.
  9. Keep a make-up kit handy, just in case. 😏
  10. 🎶“The Traveling Man”🎶 ✈️ 🚂 🚕 🚶🏻
  11. I didn’t know that he had done the “Lost in Space” themes, too.
  12. Now is the time to give out the upcoming lottery numbers. They are**********, and the bonus number is **
  13. A combo of hard helmets and soft helmets.
  14. Bummer, that you had to deal with the computer issues. The computer's hard drive was running slow, due to overheating from all the hot pictures on it. Your "hard drive" was probably running fast due to..............
  15. When using my sign-in for the Main Site, it would not take my sign;in, until I retyped my password. But I ended up with AEBN with aTyler X Pass, not what I am used to seeing. Is this something new? It appears I would have to subscribe to that. Is this true?
  16. A belated Happy Birthday, Bj1!
  17. So that is what they mean by “rise and shine”…….
  18. Roamer1


    Hell leave the back door open for you.
  19. Happy Birthday, Scott! (It's amazing the things "I get into" )
  20. Roamer1


    I like his “teases”.
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