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  1. Alaska Native Scouts feted 67 years after rescuing Navy crew | AP News
  2. are you kidding me?!!!?!???!??!?! Kokoro's I-Fairy Robot Conducts Wedding in Japan - IEEE Spectrum
  3. the end result from the above image
  4. Devin's lucious
  5. Silas Brooks or maybe Drake Von They are twins after all
  6. time to bump this thread with this still life
  7. another nice pose from James
  8. blond haired & blue-eyed cutie
  9. this is wrong on soooooooooooooooooo many counts https://currently.att.yahoo.com/news/removal-ruby-bridges-film-pinellas-100000339.html
  10. Happy, the cow Happy the calf set to live his life bringing smiles to faces after sale to Victorian field day event - ABC News
  11. the magnificant James Hinchliff
  12. nice posting from Devin
  13. sultry Helix newbie, Dante Clark
  14. ^^so very sorry for your loss, Scott My thoughts on the article is that one is never too young to be tested for colon cancer, if for no other reason than doctors are seeing younger and younger paitents come down with it
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