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  1. Smokeshadow


    this is Diego
  2. Asher Haynes and C. J. Parker
  3. this one is just for Mr. Scott https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/9098/rW6mpW.gif
  4. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    loverly BelAmi pair
  5. Smokeshadow


    another WOW ! ! ! ! !
  6. ^^probably That Falling Water avatar is so busy (and white) that I literally could not see the icon. Thank you Mr. T
  7. a fan sent James Hinchliff some new underwear; so, he's showing off today
  8. Daniel Evans and Sean Ford in the first scene from The Wayfaring Stranger over at Cockyboys
  9. Sorry, Tyler, but this is what I get when I click on "Smokeshadow" or go to the profile link under my name at the top of the page. And, nowhere on the page is the symbol that you have encircled
  10. OK - so where do I go to get that page? It's not under my profile, nor any of the other "settings" tabs that are editable. 😭
  11. Tyler - I've looked all over and can not find where I can change my avatar. Do you have any ideas?
  12. singer/songwriter Austin Mahone in his shower 🚿
  13. James Hinchliff's other side
  14. this cutie is just for Tyler
  15. television's Flash (Barry Allen) teams up with Freddie Mercury and Queen
  16. Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral set to reopen in December 2024 | AP News
  17. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    absolute YUM ! ! ! ! !
  18. another mirror shot from Devin
  19. flexible contortionist Jesse Jordan
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