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  1. Well. . .if we could get Mr. T to do another one of his nakid videos like he used to do routinely a way back in the early 2000's, we could see him wiggle, jiggle and twerk with the best of them
  2. just to get a giggle out of Mr. T
  3. Smokeshadow

    Bed pics

    fuzzy wuzzy, not quite a bear
  4. the always aluring, Johan Paulik
  5. Drake Von, Silas Brooks twin brother
  6. those jeans have seen better days
  7. Travis Stevens certainly made a mess
  8. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    Aiden Garcia and Seth Peterson
  9. BelAmi never disapoints
  10. somethings trying to escape
  11. In keeping with my antique post about Chicago; here's another 50 year old hit. . .3 Dog Night's "Joy to the World"
  12. I'll see your 2, Mr. Scott; and, raise you one
  13. Smokeshadow


    Helix newbie C. J. Parker
  14. Smokeshadow


    a rather short hose to be washing this car with
  15. not exactly dancin' in the streets; but. . .
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