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  1. a couple of magnificant specimens for a dreary Saturday afternoon
  2. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    just look at those abs And, he's cute as well
  3. can you believe this is over 50 years old?
  4. another of James Hinchliff splayed out for the taking
  5. Helix newbie, C. J. Parker
  6. Smokeshadow


    cutie Trevor Harris
  7. couple of throbbers for your Thursday
  8. Devin really likes his mirror
  9. hmmmmmmmmmm. . .those undies don't match the tan line
  10. Jack Diamond looks like he's chocking rather than stroking
  11. a couple more from Jack Laugher
  12. I knew that comment would get your goat, Mr. Scott
  13. cute. . .eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . .smile 😁
  14. smashing mash-up between Blake and Sean Ford
  15. a nice-n-clean Turk Mason
  16. James Hinchliff all splayed out for you to oggle
  17. Devin wants to show you his lollypop
  18. Freshmen's Oscar Scholtz
  19. with appologies to Freddie Mercury and Queen
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