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  1. Not sure. . . :unsure: but I think he thinks that he is an Indian
  2. Smokeshadow


    Hows about this un for my 200th post??
  3. This uns for all y'all who like men's gymnastics
  4. Have no idea what these 2 are signing
  5. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    Someone a few pages back mentioned "eyes". . .Does this qualify??
  6. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    Canadian hunk, model, actor Ryan LeBar
  7. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    tooooooooooooooooo cute for words
  8. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    A bit artsy-fartsy. . .but still a nice pic
  9. Its been awhile on this thread. . .And since these are twins
  10. :bad PC: :bad PC: :bad PC: wrong pic but all y'all will like it anyway
  11. Has he evvvvvvvver played football?? or are they just props?
  12. Smokeshadow

    Eye Candy

    Another sticky hardcandy
  13. Otta - classicThe Irish in me thanks you, the Scotsman wants to know when he'll get his share and the Texan wants to know if you have something in a larger size
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