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Status Updates posted by ChadCox

  1. Missing Pastol tonight and thought I'd stop by and tell you I miss you too. ♥♥♥
  2. Spent time listening to the latest posts for Tallan Latz tonight and thought of you. The kid is grown now and you'd still enjoy his talent. ♥
  3. Glad things have settled down and begun to bloom again! LOVE TR forums.
  4. ...wondering about our Tyler...
  5. welcome back... :*
  6. 2015 is over halfway gone people! Live now.
  7. Love you BB, thankful for your visits!!
  8. I didn't see anymore pics from the Vic House you were posting previously. Thought there were more to come. Anyway, you should consider posting some to the gallery as a direct connection to your profile. I know there's little use of the place. I guess I'm just wishing out loud. :love2:
  9. Don't be hatin' on this clusterf&%k of a forum software! LOL It's not that bad if you just learn how to do what's worth doing and ignore all the other BS. It's still an improvement over the original. :love3:
  10. LoVe that juicy snack you just posted. Made my mouth water.
  11. Hope 2014 will be the best yet!!
  12. Came by to visit your profile. Hope your vacation is restful and fun! I guess it's weird but I think roller skating is relaxing. I bet you do too! Have a great day. :*
  13. Hope you'll like the new forum as much as I like your hot ass! :love3:
    1. fasteddy


      Hehehehhehe, Ceasar likes it also! Damn he fucked me like a porn star last week for over an hour. It was fuckin awesome, lol!
  14. Smoke I totally love that pup avatar! Cheers to the new forum! :love3:
  15. I'm thinking the forum upgrade is going to be great! Thanks for all your dedication. :love3:
  16. Well, here's to another chapter in the forum! Hope you'll like the upgrade. Love you! :love3:
  17. Hope you'll like the new forum upgrade! You are missed so please do visit. :love3:
    1. Navy


      Hello there :) Just stopped by tonight and WOW! What a change. Nice to see everyone. I do need to visit more often.
  18. Certainly miss you often. Best wishes to you. :love3:
  19. I'm diggin' the new feed almost as much as that blond fuzzy butt in your avatar! :love3:
  20. Nice to see the new update to the forum! :love3:
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