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  1. I'd spock all four of them.
  2. A series of shorts from a TV series in Spain, with Eng subtitles. If you have not ever seen this I can tell you the series is even better than these edits of the relationships of Bruno and Pol. The editor did a decent enough job of capturing the wonderful spirit of the show's intent though. Definite happy ending for sure! Bruno and Po BTW, there are two full seasons of the show Merli on Netflix. l
  3. ChadCox

    Red Heads

    The thread is redhead, but my comment remarked about Hinchliff's smoldering look ya big goofs! It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me
  4. ChadCox

    Red Heads

    The great Marlon Brando! They spoke often of his "smoldering good looks." Alas...
  5. ðŸĨ°ðŸ’Œ https://youtu.be/NzBFhfx4rf8
  6. Slutus maximus 😎
  7. Whom ever made that is a nut. 😂
  8. I can share what I like dude. Why be so judgemental where no value is added? Plus it's more about FUN than anything. Lighten up.
  9. Now Scotty, you know I love tits. ðŸĪŠ
  10. brand new and no cache acquired yet but I'll try that anyway
  11. Another early reference for me learning it is okay to love a dude.
  12. I double checked my simple credentials too and I even use 1Password so I know that was not the issue.
  13. I switched phones and now I cannot log in to the forums on chrome or other browser on Samsung. I get in fine on desktop. The red ! error msg on android says "The display name, email address or password was incorrect. Please try again." Yesterday it locked me out for too many attempts, even on desktop after that, but I'm back today on desktop but still the same issue on mobile. Going out of town for a week without mobile access will be no fun so I'll be back mid next week. Hugs and love and that's NOT a pencil in my pocket.
  14. Of course that gorgeous cock; but, again with the nips!
  15. ChadCox

    Red Heads

    Luv that natural smolder on Hinchliff. Here's the man who's smolder opened my eyes to being queer.
  16. When I posted it grayed out the link and gave an error in the first posting and then it showed up fine in the reference of the next post. And then later on it was "fine" in the original post. So I gather there was a "screening" hiccup of the forum software to ensure safety that "spoke too soon" and then straightened its own self out after the fact. All is well.
  17. And real men wear slips instead of drawers under there. Forget the roughies who go comando, they'll give you blisters.
  18. when your Scot is extra.
  19. why does it process the link as a private video????
  20. I just love watching evangelicals get their eyes opened up.
  21. If you do not smile by the end of watching these two, then you are NOT gay.
  22. Cute Japanese kid channel. This young man is hellacute!
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