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  1. Fun! I remember those kinds of erections. 🙃ðŸĪŠðŸ˜Ž
  2. A very nice rendition of Sleeping Beauty.
  3. That final scene with Adam brings me directly to tears every.single.time. This is a very special video I've studied before. Love it! 💌
  4. The time they spent scooping foam in that butt crack! 😎💋
  5. Love this cast. 💜
  6. I am not sure how the YT algorythm robbed me of this piece, but I am grateful it finally populated for me. LoVeLy. Be sure to catch the Dorian Gray segment!! Your welcome! https://youtu.be/BH7G0LM06PU
  7. I so agree. His is genuine and congruent. 💌
  8. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    Well it "says" like, but it's a heart so I'll suck and fuck you.
  9. Chewbakka's best mate! He is currently the star of the much beloved "1923". None other than Harrison Ford. 💌
  10. I'm not running into any serious snags with this version. I like how it auto converts links to embed even if it isn't 100%. It is running pretty darn stable for me. 💌
  11. Looking forward to a new season! The series couple and the real-life one!
  12. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    His bf Chris Bumstead is competitive.
  13. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    NOOOOooooo!!!! It's actually kind of scary just to imagine it being real! 🙃
  14. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    Sometimes muscle guys are unreal!
  15. ^^^testing awry^^^ but I have no clue what I'm doing. paste mp4 link
  16. Speaking of Beau Butler...love his uncut cock. https://topfanvids.com/updates/Playing-With-My-Prostate.html https://a6e5n4e9.ssl.hwcdn.net/trailers/BeauBluter_003.mp4
  17. don't make me have to come up there sonny boy
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