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  1. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2299/2342025568_faa158f0ac_o.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3150/2341194449_10133dff09_o.jpg
  2. Maxman, You and Bj1 are right on... Tyler is a grand facilitator of variety and the clicking is left up to us
  3. the more perverted my mood (which is infrequent) the more i'm inclined toward Cruise... but I agree that sometimes his participation in a scene seems imposing and self serving... 'course there's a great deal to be said in support of self service...
  4. What a sexy clip! ...very hot Vanessa Mae rocks (and so does the drum corp in this clip)! Thanks Dodo
  5. I can't seem to get the video code to embed properly...but this guy's worth the effort if you appreciate violin... a yumm yumm addition for this thread... name="wmode" value="transparent"> type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"> THANKS TonyPA!!!! check out his web site too... this one looks as good as he sounds! www.david-garrett.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPoP05BFz3A&feature=related
  6. Welcome Sphere and ditto what Maxman said!!! I know a guy who was arrested, charged ad convicted of assault for biting a security guard in a mall parking lot on the leg during a scuffle due to being drunk and beligerant. The blood test revealed HIV and the charge was increased to intent to kill. Maxman, I love you
  7. Thanks Scott, sorry about your mom but it reminds me to share that my mom is a Lupus survivor, quad by-pass with artificial valve and five strokes since the heart surgery. A very seemingly fragile woman who is tough as nails and now must bury her own 47 year old daughter today. So I have no complaints! I just want to be a ray of love and support for those around me today. I celebrate my sister's life and will ask that of everyone I speak with today.
  8. Eddy, I would have NEVER gone back in the forum and seen this without you! Thanks! I think this is way cool art!
  9. Thanks to all! :thumbs up: for the words of encouragement. It's amazing how much support one can get/feel from a forum like this. My sister was the ONE family who accepted me unconditionally...so it IS painful. I shared my situation for only one reason though! So please take Bonito's experience and my loss to heart and seriously consider your on situation regarding risk, warning signs and how to respond. I love having this "extra" safe place to share, make friends and have fun. Thanks again to you all...
  10. I'm very sorry to announce my 47 year old sister, Sherry, passed away this past Sunday in her home from a heart attack. Visitation this evening, funeral tomorrow. :( It all goes fast under these circumstances, and an ounce of prevention is worth 40 pounds of cure folk! PLEASE update yourself regularly on simple prevention and respond preparedness! Chad
  11. Agreed! Dick10 has a good eye for a hot shot!
  12. ChadCox


    i stopped checking out boykakke after the second visit... :thumbs down: why bother when so many other choices are available... :thumbs up:
  13. damn... unique :2 thumbs up:
  14. Got it Navy... thanks for the fun refresher...
  15. Thanks Ryan! and thanks for showin' the love Tyler. Now give 'im a nice raise mate... a long, stiff one maybe?
  16. hi dragonroost! can i see your member too?
  17. Congrats Daddysboy! I personally have lived beyond the years when I was da ho. Hell I don't even practice serial monogomy any more.
  18. Charmed, Isis was the bomb! I remember wondering, "do I want this woman or do I want to BE this woman?" ...talk about a blast from the past! :whole waving:
  19. Has anyone seen Brad's new haircut for his new movie? Buzzzzzzz!!! He's certainly one hot 44-year-old mmmmm
  20. Don't know 'bout anyone else 'round here, but I'm really liking this too Eddy! You go hottie! We need all the happy hot love we can get around here and I don't know that anyone deserves it more either... Lastly, I'm feeling inspired by your rapture so I'm off to the hunt boizzz
  21. I do mine and several friend's on taxactonline.com.... federal is free, state is $14 with direct deposit within 10 days
  22. Bonito! Welcome back. Thought of you while you were being crazy. I've thought this thread a nice contrast, even through all the muck and hog wash. ....thanking the stars you are sane again!
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