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  1. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    His bf Chris Bumstead is competitive.
  2. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    NOOOOooooo!!!! It's actually kind of scary just to imagine it being real! 🙃
  3. ChadCox

    Muscle Guys

    Sometimes muscle guys are unreal!
  4. ^^^testing awry^^^ but I have no clue what I'm doing. paste mp4 link
  5. Speaking of Beau Butler...love his uncut cock. https://topfanvids.com/updates/Playing-With-My-Prostate.html https://a6e5n4e9.ssl.hwcdn.net/trailers/BeauBluter_003.mp4
  6. don't make me have to come up there sonny boy
  7. Testing. 2023 gayVN award winners. https://avn.com/gayvnawards/winners
  8. just testing out the new old version
  9. ChadCox

    Red Heads

    He smolders similar to Hugh Jackman.
  10. Login works fine on android Chrome but not on other browsers. I'm OK with that since I do not visit from cell much anyway. 😎
  11. No glitches yet except login does not work on ABP browser on android, but just fine on desktop. I'll fiddle wit it.
  12. just testing.... I can't log in with my credentials on my android ABP browser, but they worked fine on desktop just now.
  13. Tom flip-flops and I do NOT trust him. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2023/jan/17/thom-tillis/tillis-vote-shows-shift-same-sex-marriage-position/
  14. How deep is your love?
  15. Maggie's Mexican kitty, Angel.
  16. That's one hot groom! yum
  17. a bevy of beef on crotch rockets
  18. LOL It'll be like we never said goodbye!! LOL Well best wishes on the transition and either way I love you all!
  19. I get this and do not disagree; however, it might help to consider that your perception and understanding of all things politics may be helpful to others coming along with a desire to understand different perspectives. Growing one's own beliefs and resulting responses is what makes the world of politics a vital force of humankind. ...nOt hopeless despite the feelings. We need clear, tried, and true debate for informed decision making. Many appreciate the effort. Same thing for socio-cultural awareness, growth, strength, and satisfaction in human BEing.
  20. If you decide to let it go, let us know when you intend on flipping the switch so we can say a final adios. This part.
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