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    Eye Candy

    For a fitness model his ticktok is hotter. https://www.tiktok.com/@danielmontoyam877 Love his yummy lips.
  2. I can let it go and mourn. I've missed your active involvement anyway. I am also on Gayspeak https://gayspeak.com/portal.php but it's not the same but okay. I'm chadcoxrox on fb and instagram and my personal Mike fb and IG are reserved for none sexual stuff because I have loads of sweet senior friends and family members. I will definitely miss this forum. :brokenheart:
  3. ChadCox

    Eye Candy

    what's his name dude?
  4. ChadCox

    Wet Shots

    That shiddy shoppin'!!! http://img2.joyreactor.com/pics/post/funny-pictures-auto-obama-photomontage-384630.jpeg
  5. ChadCox

    Wet Shots

    Not a spec' o' fat! Those lats keep him from settling on down! LOL They've definitely enhanced his skin too. I bet he looks even better in real life than a photo. BTW, nice poem Scotty.
  6. There's a channel on YT called "Demystifying Gay Porn" I began watching recently and some of the interviews of porn stars "behind the scenes" have been fun and interesting. Today I watched one on Antonio Biaggi that confirmed my impression of him having some serious "big dick energy". The dude is loud and judgemental and nothing like I expected or hoped for. Ugh. Anyhow, several of the others were far more interesting and entertaining.
  7. Castro has been trying real estate as well. And of course since he landed his first big sell we've little to nothing more from him. There's money to be made and money to be lost in that biz for sure! I am all for T standing for Tycoon!
  8. Love that blast from my past. But misspent youth? I'd like to hear more on this. Are you referring to "wish I had spent more time going for the D?" What era of youth? I wish I'd known much of what I know now back in my youth. I'd have certainly had much more sex!
  9. Things change after you've had several sonny. Errrr, nope. I'm wrong. But still, dem tits!!!
  10. if I did I'd likely triple my income within the first six months.
  11. This was the same year I saw them live in Winston-Salem, NC. This was filmed in their Greenville, NC appearance.
  12. I'm pretty sure Tyler has "retired," as his main business pursuit has now proven successful and lucrative. I'm encouraged by his growth and certainly hope we'll stay connected here as much as possible.
  13. don't you just love how they shopped his right nipple clean out of the snap? LOL
  14. Saw them live and remembering wearing blue spikes in my hair. They were even better in person! LoVe.
  15. belated final seasonal post...
  16. The end of an Era. 😔💜😔
  17. What a very sad and difficult way to fade away after so very many strong years. I take comfort in her having worked beyond 80 and the fading was only the very last decade of her life.
  18. This completely discombobulated my day! Ugh. I hope his mama sees this and whips his ass!
  19. favors a very young webmaster
  20. Lordy! The nun tripped me out. Rub it twice, you're playin' with it!
  21. Love y'all!! Merry Merriment!!
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