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  1. You may be wondering, 'Why Prague if only 3 days?' Answer: https://www.porks.cz/en Lol. I'm gonna be soooo fat!
  2. I finally settled on my travel plans! I fly from Los Angeles to Copenhagen, where I'll stay for three days. Then Istanbul for two months. Then Athens for a week. Budapest for 9 days. Prague for 3 days. Back to Copenhagen for an over-night stay and then back to Los Angeles. Whew! Hostels are booked, as is the AirBnb in Istanbul. I'll do the connecting flights later I'll probably do a few side trips while I'm in Istanbul ... maybe rent a car for a day or two. Copenhagen: Istanbul: Athens: Budapest: Prague:
  3. Bj1


    A house just waiting for neighborhood kids to play baseball!
  4. I usually dislike these dating/marriage reality shows greatly, but this episode was nice. Both the boys are really lovable and what a perfect fit with their personalities.
  5. His lying about absolutely everything reminds me of my ex. Hopefully the people of New York don't take three years to get rid of him like I did with my ball and chain.
  6. And look how OCD he is with all his cookbooks organized and even labled! He kind-of looks like Santa in this photo. Hmmm. Vanilla-kink things are floating inside my head 😉
  7. I see your Dave Brubeck and raise you a John Coltrane ....
  8. This is my breathtaking view! His name is Burak and he's one of the assistants on a Youtube cooking channel I watch. I may have posted about him before He usually wears a little knit cap that makes me think of 'where's waldo' ... but it's more those eyes that sparkle when he smiles that gets me! Oh my, I think I have the vapors!! LoL. Yes. He's in Istanbul. No. He's not the reason I'm going there 😉 But he could be!!!!
  9. Excuse me if I pack while I'm talking to you ... I have a plane to catch to Panama!
  10. That photo doesn't do him any justice whatsoever. His chest was also very nice indeed. *sigh* Next time, when he says 'my name is Pedro, you need to write it here' I'll say, 'and what's your phone number, what time do you get off work, and do you fuck on the first date?'
  11. Ok, that was just an experience! I've been wanting pizza lately - it's my body telling me I can't be on a diet just yet; and today it's saying I have to splurge before I start my diet again on Monday. Anyway - I decided to give in and I walked to the local pizza joint (a whole 4 blocks). Pepperoni and sausage pizza - good. Could have been cooked 2 more minutes, but it was good. Beer was cold. But my waiter made my nipples tingle! Sweet baby jicama. He had a really nice athletic build - broad shoulders and smaller waist. And he was wearing capri pants that turned his little pizza boy uniform into something very nice to look at. Tingle, and in a very nice way. Then when he brought the check he wanted me to fill out the survey on the back - and told me his name is Pedro. Pedro - you need to write it right here. How about I get it tattooed somewhere on my body? Pedro in capri's, you were hotter than my pizza! (front view was much nicer!)
  12. Being retired helps And my little projects are online, so I can do those from anywhere with an internet connection.
  13. My plan for this summer. 84 days in Europe (unless there are flight changes - which happen too much with my cheap tickets). I've booked two months in Istanbul on the Asian side in the Kadiköy neighborhood. Here's a quick tour of the hood: I fly into Copenhagen, and plan on staying there just a couple of days. Then Istanbul. Then ??? I have a bunch of Hungarian Forints, so perhaps Budapest for the duration of the trip. I feel more like getting a solid feel for places instead of hitting as many sites as I can, but if I can swing a little side trip to Athens that would be nice.
  14. That was a fun watch! My favorite interpretation of Swan Lake, and that peek at Dorian Gray! Oooh! Here's something fun to listen to ...
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