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  1. It leaves a very small margin of Hope. Very small.
  2. I've been waiting for this one.
  3. Thank you for all the well wishes guys. I knew I could count on you.
  4. Hi guys how's it going? I'm going to tell you something that may be premature, but I will tell you just the same. You all know about how much I've been in the hospital this past year or so. In fact I have been in hospital for nearly a week now once again. Seems like I have a few systems internally that are failing. I knew that one of my doctors was not telling me the whole story. In fact, it may have been a couple of them that were guilty of this. Well, today I had a conversation with that Dr. But I really should say I had THE conversation with that Dr. From there things moved very quickly. Before the afternoon was over, I was having a conversation with an RN who is part of the Palliative Care Unit. It's a lot to digest.
  5. ^^ I agree, both are hot songs but Butterscotch is a little more edgy. But Top Brazil is no Nancy Dancy tune. I LIKE it.
  6. There are 2 things needed for me to even consider doing it again. First, it would have to be pure, like Owsley Stanley grade. That just isn't going to happen. And how do you verify that? Mushrooms would be a good choice. Second, 3 or 4 close friends that love to just laugh and have a good time to do it with. Most of the friends that I would pick have said "never again." I donno why. I can think of 1, may be 2 that could be persuaded. Well, OK, I'd probably go with a group of 3. I loved it. If the above goals were met, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Drop right after lunch then sit around for an hour or so waiting for that first WOOSH! Ahhhh, that was nice. Stick around for the ritual colon emptying then head for the woods. Leave the phone at home. It's ON!
  7. Here, eat one of these. You'll feel better.
  8. My....................that's a big one.
  9. ^^ Those 2 photos made it very difficult to leave this page.
  10. I also disagree with many of his positions. But I have respect for the man and his service. A number of people are relieved of a situation such as his experienced as a POW and say "I'm going into politics, I'm going to change the world." Most never do. He did. And in spite of his and my belief differences, I respect him for that. I think that in the past several years he has become more and more a "party line" kind of Senator. I'm sorry to see that happen. But he still holds a place of respect in my mind. His stance on these and other political issues aside, I like him. I would never vote for him. But I'd love to have morning coffee with him. He has done a lot of work in the area of affordable health care w/o the mandate. It's an issue he takes seriously. His and my end goals are the same, he is only searching for the solution via a different viewpoint about how to get there. I find it awful the way people talk about him on the news shows. They delicately say that he's dying without a word of good wishes or acknowledging his family and their struggle. There is a good chance that the man is watching, and they have no kind words to say? I like seeing him get some good press these days.
  11. I like this. It makes me smile and sad at the same time. McCain still up for a fight, even in illness
  12. ^^ Very hot! Looks familiar. But he prolly just looks like a million guys that look like that.
  13. Maybe most disturbing is the fact that we all understand it.
  14. 1. You didn't know there was a TV show called House.
  15. That is what i was trying to post in the "Never mind" post. I couldn't get the auto play turned off.
  16. Having seen Snakes, but not Big Game, I can say. The answer is YES. I don't even need to see Big Game to say that. Snakes will be one of those movies that years from now people will watch and ask: "For real?" I'm going to look for this one. Bet it's fun!
  17. Getting more dangerous. ‘Caravans’ coming. Out-of-control immigration, lawlessness and violence besetting the country. Run for your lives!
  18. Thanks for the "heads" up!
  19. OMG, that sounds so horrible.
  20. A woman went to a pet shop and saw a large, beautiful parrot. There was a sign on the cage that indicated a price of $50.00. “Why so little?” she asked the pet store owner. The owner looked at her and said, “Look, I should tell you first that this bird used to live in a brothel, and sometimes it says some pretty vulgar stuff.” The woman thought about this, but decided she had to have the bird any way because it was so strikingly beautiful. She took it home and hung the bird's cage up in her living room and waited for it to say something. The bird looked around the room, then at her, and said, “New house, new madam.” The woman was a bit shocked at the implication, but then thought that was really not so bad. When her two teenaged daughters returned from school, the bird saw and said, “New house, new madam, new girls.” The girls and their mother were a bit offended, but then began to laugh about the situation, considering how and where the parrot had been raised. Moments later, the woman's husband came home from work. The bird looked at him and said, “Hi Keith.”
  21. But is it as good as Snakes on a Plane?
  22. Well damn, I thought I posted that very shot of Milo myself. But I looked and I had not. Guess I got so "busy" looking at it every time I meant to that I forgot.
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