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And how was your day???


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Ok, that was just an experience!

I've been wanting pizza lately - it's my body telling me I can't be on a diet just yet; and today it's saying I have to splurge before I start my diet again on Monday.  Anyway - I decided to give in and I walked to the local pizza joint (a whole 4 blocks).  Pepperoni and sausage pizza - good.  Could have been cooked 2 more minutes, but it was good.  Beer was cold.  But my waiter made my nipples tingle!  Sweet baby jicama.  He had a really nice athletic build - broad shoulders and smaller waist.  And he was wearing capri pants that turned his little pizza boy uniform into something very nice to look at.   Tingle, and in a very nice way.  Then when he brought the check he wanted me to fill out the survey on the back - and told me his name is Pedro.  Pedro - you need to write it right here.  How about I get it tattooed somewhere on my body?  Pedro in capri's, you were hotter than my pizza!

Pedro at La Mona.jpg

(front view was much nicer!)

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17 hours ago, ChadCox said:

Pedro's got a nice ass! :love3:


That photo doesn't do him any justice whatsoever.  His chest was also very nice indeed.  *sigh*  Next time, when he says 'my name is Pedro, you need to write it here' I'll say, 'and what's your phone number, what time do you get off work, and do you fuck on the first date?' :)  

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