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To everyone with Irish roots... and everyone that's just looking for a reason to party...


The Leprechauns are marching,

They're marching down the hall,

They're marching on the ceiling,

They're marching on the wall.

They're marching two by two,

And now it's four by four,

You say you still can't see them?

Move back! Here come some more!


The leprechauns are marching,

I think it's three by three.

Just close your eyes and try now

To visualize with me.

Their merry little feet

Will never miss a beat.

They're very tricky fellows.

Look out! They're under the sheet!


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I used to love St. Patricks Day. It was my excuse to get drunk in the middle of the week or whatever day it fell on! :D

Irish I had a tonic and gin :unsure: :lol::lol::lol:


I have heard stories that it's just the Americans who celebrate Patty's Day in a drunken stupor - that in Ireland it is actually a dry day :unsure:

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I have heard stories that it's just the Americans who celebrate Patty's Day in a drunken stupor - that in Ireland it is actually a dry day  :unsure:

Actually, no. It was the Irish from Ireland who began the custom of having a pint or two on Saint Patrick's Day, which by the way is supposed to celebrate his death not his birth. It was an excuse to have a drink during lent when many of the Catholics over there had given up the brew for lent. :beer:



It was the Cananadians that started over doing the drink. <_>


The 'merricans just started a parade. :rolleyes:


and the corned beef. A traditional Irish dinner was usually boiled bacon.

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The 'merricans just started a parade.

Cleveland has a St. Patrick's Day parade downtown every year. It usually rains or snows on it. This is the first year that I remember in a while that it didn't do either.


Now I've never been to Cleveland's parade, but what is funny about it is that they paint the double yellow lines on the street that line the parade route green. I have been downtown when they've had the green lines on the street instead of yellow, and it looks kinda weird. :lol:

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Tonight I discovered the "new" Celtic Thunder on PBS here in the States.


Paul Byrom, 28, lead tenor is terrific. Doesn't hurt that he looks like Jake. "Jake who?" you ask? The song is "Love Thee Dearest" by Irish poet Thomas More, written about 200 years ago.



"Ireland's Call and "Caledonia" (separated by applause) are a medley that seems to be the halftime finale. Note the mixing of green (Republic of Ireland) and orange (Northern Ireland) in the setting and stage lighting. Even on the large "flag" in the background with one vertical green stripe and one orange. Love the bagpipes and those cute knees. BTW, if you don't know, Scotland was settled by many Celts from Ireland and Caledonia is the old Latin name for Scotland.



Search for "Celtic Thunder" on You-Tube for more. The youngest of the five singers is only 14 and does a cute version of Paul Anka's "Puppy Love". However, the clips I found on You-Tube had bad sound so did not include it here.


G' :grannymede:


PS: Unless you're talking about the Boston professional basketball team (which is the "selts"), the word is pronounced "Kelts".

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