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Breathtaking views


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The first time I watched the video I was holding on to the sides of the chair. Being on the 10th floor of a building makes me queasy, this thing actually made me dizzy, but I had to watch it.


It's in Spain, near a town called Malaga. It was originally built to create a connection between two water falls, Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls, so workers could get back and forth. (I think I would have quit, forget early retirement) It is only one meter wide (3 feet) and over 200 meters (700 feet) above the river.


As you can there is no hand rail. :scared2:


Anyone see the guy with the lead attached to the wire running along the cliff? Supposedly it is now a big rock climbing attraction.

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Originally opened (built) in 1921, the Caminito del Rey (King's little path) was closed in 2000 after someone fell and went boom. What fool would want to walk on this thing to begin with. :o



Breathtaking, but hardly deadly, rox. If that bridge opend in 1921 and it took until 2000 for some moron to take a dive, it hardly seems proper that the bridge should be closed. More likely, they should simply post a sign: "All morons and klutzes should stay off the bridge."
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Don't shoot the messenger!! :o


geesh, would hate to be your secretary <_>



I was so intrigued by this friggin thing that I read more and discovered a total of 4 people went for a ride off the edge. I also read that several million was set aside to repair the thing in 2006, but can't find anything about it ever being repaired.


If I convince TylerRob to buy you a ticket to Spain, would you go check?




maybe a one way ticket would suffice :rolleyes:

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Roux, I'm terribly afraid of heights, especially open ones. I had no trouble on the top of the Empire State Building because it's all enclosed and the top of the old RCA building (72 stories, I think) was ok because it had a masonry wall about armpit high (on me, I'm short) plus wrought iron fencing above that which turned back into the area and had sharp points on each tyne (whatever). In fact, when I lived in Joisy I was on the 12th floor of a 24 story bldg (Colonnade Apts) in downtown Newark. I just stayed away from the large plate glass windows.


However, I read some of the other guys' remarks first and will pass up watching your clip.


Shivering, G' :grannymede:

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Ah! It's incredible! By the end your heart will be racing, you'll be dizzy and you'll have a damned good cover story for calling the hunky aid-car boyz to your home.


It really is breathtaking. You should at least give it a try. The video - not the aid-car boyz. On second thought ....



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Must be an old clip...


A friend of mine recently went on holiday to the malaga region and they went for a day trip through the El Choro area. The only way you can actually see the path is from the other side of the gorge. Apparently you need to walk through a couple of tunnels and then cross a railroad or something and from there you've got a pretty good view. But he says the path itself is closed off completely and they've even removed part of the path so you can't access it anymore.


Must be because climbers and daredevils kept going there, like in this clip.


I would have loved to go up there myself though... well, up to where you actually need to walk on the small metal bar. I'm not easily scared of things like that, but I don't think I'd have done that. :unsure:

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