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Only in a JEEP! and more kewl music videos!


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Dear Tyler,


Here are a few pics of the male lead in the video performed by Perpetuum Jazzile, Nino Kozlevčar. I hope you enjoy! Take Care!





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Not music but I thought it was a good ad from GM. Was in heavy rotation today in the US (Thanksgiving).


I sense a turn in the winds in the US over the next year and an all out circular firing squad on the right leading to a huge Obama re-election win in 2012.


Just saying. :waves:



:director: OBAMA BIDEN 2012

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sometimes, Tyler , I think that you and I will be the only ones cheering on the Obama/Biden ticket in 2012. At least I can vote it but I know that we will need your support morally and otherwise. Maybe Canada could declare war or something. That would do it. Of course we may be at war with North Korea by then


Now I shall just sit back and wait for a chewing out from certain people here.



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Lol, Keo. No chewing out. Everyone, even you, is entitled to be wrong!


I just read a post on Politico.com (I'll look for the link...) by a state legislative candidate in NY who was commenting on the surprise among audience members at a debate he and his opponent had at a local university. The students expressed surprise that the 2 candidates were civil to each other, even chatting and joking with each other informally before the debate began. He explained that they weren't enemies, just opponents and that they had agreed between themselves to keep their battle civil, on the issues, etc. He lamented that such a posture was the exception rather than the rule. I agree w/him.


No matter from which direction you approach public issues, that you care, are interested enough to be informed, and take the opportunity to express your thoughts, means that you and I have share a common interest and passion that I can appreciate and respect.


That you are 'off base' most of the time just means I have to do a better job of 'shplaining', in the words of Ricky Ricardo!


pax, notTed


ps: On '12, I will repeat my favorite mantra, "You can't beat something w/nothing." If the GOP hopes to limit ObamBam to 1 term, they have to come up w/a credible candidate.


The Tea Parties brought enthusiasm and success at the ballot box to many GOP candidates in 2010, with the notable exceptions of Delaware, Nevada & Colorado senate races (oh, yeah, and Alaska....Go Lisa! So much for Palin.) Very deliberately, successful Tea Party candidates focused on traditional GOP themes of limited gov't, limited taxing & spending, and stayed away from the 'Values' issues so prominent among the Social Conservatives over the last 15 yrs or so. I call this trend the triumph of the LibCons (Libertarian Conservatives) over the SocCons (Social Conservatives). Undoubtedly, among the 2010 candidates were many who held SocCon views but didn't advertise them. The shake out over the next 2 years in the GOP, and the battle for the 2012 nomination, is going to be over which of these 2 conservative factions controls the GOP.


The SocCons cannot hold the political center. Moderates, independents, suburban voters, however you categorize them, aren't going to buy into the 'God, Guns, & (No) Gays' agenda of the SocCons. As this past election showed, LibCons can appeal to, and gain, the trust of those voters with their limited government message. If the GOP does a 'bait and switch' and spends the next 2 years pushing anti-gay and anti-abortion themes while spending rafts of money we just don't have, they will get clobbered in 2012, perhaps leading to the transformation of the

Tea Party movement into a 3rd party.


pax, notTed

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Great post Ted. B)


I think the current slate of GOP possibilities making noise are unelectable; Gingrich - mucho baggage, Palin - enuff said, Barbour - runs the poorest most backwards state in the union, Huckabee - Maurice Clemmons.


I think the best they have - John Thune, Mitch Daniels, Marco Rubio even Jeb Bush will sit this cycle out. Rubio could be on a ticket as VP just to get himself better known. He is being groomed to be the next big thing in the GOP - but not yet.


I agree totally with your assessment of the tea party. This might be an election cycle for the GOP to settle that but not unseat President Obama.


One thing Republicans can't run on is Obama's "lack of executive experience" this time - he has the ultimate experience now and only 4 other living men can say the same.


If Sarah runs and manages to stun the establisment (like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Howard Dean, Pat Buchanan, Gary Hart never managed to do) she can then spend 8 months explaining how even though she left her job in Alaska, she's fit to be commander-in-chief of the whole U.S.A. I think it's 50-50 that she pulls an Eagleton at the last minute, leaving the GOP to cobble together a Romney-Huckabee Unity Ticket a month before the election... :rolleyes:


:director: OBAMA - BIDEN 2012 :)




How did I manage to turn my luverly music thread into politics :blink:


So... one of my favourite songs (about autism):







:whole waving:

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