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Gay cruise


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Every year there's a gay cruise to the Méxican Riviera. I think it's usually Celebrity Cruises but it could be different lines. For 2023 the cruise is March 4th to March 11th. Of course, they always include the day you board and the day you dock, so the actual cruise is a little shorter. Anyway ... Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta.


If you buy a ticket through the promoter's website https://happygaytravel.com/cruises/AllOutVacations/Mexican_Riviera_Gay_Cruise.html, you'll pay $1,607 per person (double occupancy) for an inside room. For the same room through Celebrity Cruise's website https://www.celebritycruises.com/booking-cruise/selectRoom/stateroomCategory?pID=SL07X040&sDT=2023-03-04&sCD=SL&sCT=CO&roomQuantity=1 you'll pay $449 per person (double occupancy). I think there's an additional $150/per person in fees for both options too. Quite a difference.


The promoter does say that they have daily activities (nightly hot tub take over and cocktail hour, group dining, tea dances, bearoakie, private group shore excursions, dance parties, and our special Private Gay Beach Party in Puerto Vallarta). That's the difference for $1,100.00+ per person (double occupancy makes that $2,200+).


So, if you feel that you might want a little fun get-away in March, give this one a thought. I see the boys from this cruise when I play tourist aide volunteer, and they have always seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Save yourself a buttload of $$$ and then crash the boys when they crash the hot tub! Or pay the higher amount and enjoy a little bearoakie ;)


Fun stuff! Cruise ship! Floating buffets! Gay boyz! México!




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