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Text Attributes in Replies

24 November 2014 - 01:26 PM

What am I doing wrong?  When I type my text and then go back to color a word my instructions will not take.


For example, I just tried to >color< the color red.  I blocked the word >color<, clicked on the A on the top line, selected the red by clicking on it, and NOTHING happened.


I don't have any luck in changing the font or size of an individual word.


Me? or the Screen?


Thanks, Granny

Bald Eagle Nest - 24 Hour Cam

28 February 2014 - 02:41 PM

This link (below) is to a 24-hour cam on a Bald Eagle's nest. It is on the campus of Berry College in north Georgia, adjoining Rome.  It is about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta.  As I write this there have been more than 3,444,000 visitors, many of them undoubtedly students across the country.


A condensation of the recent history is that one egg hatched on the 22nd Feb, the other is not expected to hatch because it was laid three days after the first.  There are plenty of facts posted on the website.


I heard about this on NPR before the snow storm in north Georgia.  It was a wonder even one egg hatched.  At one time snow was piled up several inches on all parts of the nest around the adult and there was about an inch on her/his back at the time.


I attended Berry College for a year after graduating from the associated Mt Berry School for Boys, which sadly was closed some years ago.  This year I celebrate the 60th anniversary of my graduation.


Be sure to take time to look around the site, especially clicking on the photo link titled "Explore Beautiful Berry".  The campus is 27,000 acres and includes farms for several thorough-bred animal species and a managed forest.  Note that you can make the cam picture full screen.  There is also a cam on the ground looking up to the tree.


The college campus is colonial style with the chapel a replica of Christ Church in Alexandria, VA.  Near that campus is the now closed Girls School which looks like it was imported from England.  Henry Ford gave millions (back when a million dollars bought something) to build it.  It is part of the college now.  3 miles or so from that, up in the woods, is the former Boys School built of natural/native rocks.  Now it is leased by Chick-fil-A  and there they brainwash new employees.  The Boys School location was chosen to segregate them from the high school girls.  Students were not allowed to have bicycles or cars so most of the girls remained virgins until graduation unless the college men (who lived much closer to the girls) got to them.







Problems with Irfanview

19 February 2014 - 08:45 PM

Many years ago I downloaded Irfanview on Tyler's recommendation and have had good luck with it.  I have updated it fairly often.


However, recently it seems to be selective with which jpg files it will show me so that I can edit them.


I have a folder of graphics I have sent to this forum over the years.  They are in a specially named folder so they are easy to find when I create a post.


Today I copied four jpeg files from the Internet and put them in that folder. To make sure they would be easy to find (it's a large folder) I started off the name with a zero (0) so they would sort first.  I made a posting in Main Lobby / Kitchen Table / Movie Corner.  After I did I found that one graphic was as wide as the screen.


I left the forum and opened Irfanview.  When I went through the folder hierarchy to open that graphic for editing it was NOT shown in the list of files available.  Neither were the other three I also posted.  All the older jpeg's in the folder showed.  The screen for selecting a file to open is set to open jpeg's.


Closing Irfanview, I opened Paint and had no trouble opening that graphic in it.  All four graphics were listed and I was able to downsize the large one and use it to replace the item in my posting.


The fact that I was able to upload all 4 graphics shows the software for a posting recognizes all my jpeg's.


In the meantime I have updated Irfanview and those clips still do not show when I try to open any of the four into the Irfanview edit screen.  I also rebooted several times but it didn't help.


I've never had such a mystery.  If ALL jpeg's were missing I could understand it, but still wouldn't know how to correct it.  I was hoping that updating Irfanview would solve the problem but no such luck.


Any ideas?  Perhaps I should uninstall Irfanview and download a new copy?  If that works what will explain that it's just certain files it ignores - doesn't even list them for selection.


Any ideas will be appreciated.  If this long posting needs clarification, just ask for it.


Granny :wub2: